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Peginterferon Alfacon-2 Injection

  • Spec:0.15 mg/1.0ml/piece

Indications and Dosage:

It is indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (HCV) in adults without liver decompensation. Preferably used this product combined with ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C. Please refer to the prescribing information of ribavirin when undertake combined therapy. Monotherapy is indicated only if patient has contraindication or significant intolerance to ribavirin.



One-vial package is containing 0.15 mg per 1.0 mL solution. The vial is made of neutral borosilicate glass tubing plugged tightly with chlorobutyl rubber stopper coated with polytetrafluoroethylene / hexafluoropropylene.



A clear liquid, and not contain insoluble matter visible to the naked eye.  



Stored and transported at 2~8℃ and avoid light. Do not freeze.  



24 months.


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